"History provides a venue for us to look at ideas in entirely new ways. If I say I'm writing about peer pressure most people think that's a teenage issue. If I reference the history of the Nazi party it completely changes how people think about the concept. That's what I try to do with my writing. I write historical fiction because history can change how we understand ideas."

"My book When the Sky Falls was intended to rob the persuasions machines and propaganda producers of their power of influence. To empower people to see how the tricks work and then disassemble them."

"I think a good story entertains, a great story stays with you. It leaves you thinking about the world differently."

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Joe Bendoski studied psychology in college and was fascinated by all the insights it provided into human behavior, only to realize most of the information never reached people, and when it did, rarely was it in a form that allowed for practical application. He started writing non-fiction but soon came to understand how few people read that genre and began the difficult transition into fiction. His non-fiction works include; the Chemistry of Attraction and the Language of Emotion.

He worked as the head writer for the television show ‘Saved by Grace.’ After being frustrated with comments like "Make this scene cheaper," and "Do we need this scene?" he decided to go into literature.


When the Sky Falls is his debut novel and focuses on the impact of fictional broadcasts and news throughout history, and the devastating impact they can have. The story follows a group of CIA agents as they investigate a panic so large that it’s called a Sky Fall Event.


The Start Writing Podcast is focused on in-depth discussions about writing craft, and how writers develop their own writing skills. Each month a discussion piece is released, along with several author interviews.

J Washburn is a co-host on the show and is a fantasy fiction writer.


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