Writing for the End of the World: W C Hoffman Interview


W. C. Hoffman writes what he knows, the outdoors. His stories are a balance of character and action. They’re fast paced, but still keep the reader feeling like they know the characters, and understand them.


My characters are very real and deep because they are based on real people, their mannerisms, their histories, even some of their names.

One thing that has really helped me develop my dialogue is switching to dictation for my pre-writing.

For marketing “First in series free” has been very good to me. My book didn’t really take off until I finished the third one.

Early on I made the mistake of not having a mailing list when I release my first book and didn’t capture those readers.

The best way to sell your book is to write the next one, and if that takes two years then write a short story that’s connected, or in the same world.

Twins of Prey
By W.C. Hoffman