Inside the Character’s Head: Interview with Lee Isserow


The great strength of the written word is interiority. The ability to get inside of the character’s head. No other medium of storytelling allows for that, there are monologs and voice-overs, but it’s not the same. Only in literature can we see the world the way the character sees it, and Lee Isserow is a master of interiority.


I learned to really develop a plot by working in a writer’s room. We spent a lot of time discussing all the different options for the story, and each character, and now I recreate that in my head to shape a unique and interesting story.

The very deep interiority of the novel is developed by putting a lot of myself into the character.

I love writing novels because with a screenplay there’s an outline, then a treatment, then a synopsis, but with a novel, I can just get the story out.

The first year I was only selling between 2 and 5 books a month, but things have really turned around recently after developing my mailing list, getting on Instafreebie and really interacting with my readers.

A great advantage that movies and films have in storytelling is the soundtrack, the use of music to evoke emotion in the audience. Lee Isserow makes soundtracks for his books.

Touch Sensitive
By Lee Isserow