How to Market with Twitter: Interview with Nathan Goodman


Nathan Goodman started his entire writing career with a single question, a simple “what if …” that has evolved into many stories about Jana Baker, a Special Agent for the FBI and role model for his young daughters.

His stories move at a pace few others can claim, and the stakes are constantly being raised, but I think his true brilliance is his marketing plan for Twitter and Facebook. Learn more in the interview.


I wrote the prequel as a smaller book that I could put at the front of the series, and release for free as a way to bring in new readers. Hopefully, they will read through to the end of series.

One of the tricks I used on twitter was tweeting out other author’s books, and most of them would do the same in turn.

Eventually, I started using a lot of automation software to schedule tweets, and even retweet, because there was just so much to be done.

To help engage people on Twitter, I set up my auto messenger to simply ask “What are you reading right now,” then people realize there’s a person behind that account, and you can start a great conversation.

In some twitter marketing, I ask people if they like a certain author and if so they should check out my book, because a lot of these authors only release one book a year. So, there are a lot of fans who are looking for something else while they wait, and they can find my books.

One of the most effective tools for raising the stakes is a time clock. Every moment it ticks down raises the stakes just a little because failure is that much closer.

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