Book Review: Recall by David McCaleb

Best Part:

The best part of the book is the sense of mystery that the author develops throughout the book. By a careful and meticulous weighing of the point of view, McCaleb weaves together the evidence in a way that keeps you wanting more, but still unsure about your own answers.

Worth Study:

One of the best crime scenes I've read takes places early the book after Red's home is attacked. It stirred my curiosity enough to drive me through to the end of the book. McCaleb does many things well, but this chapter is his strongest by far.


Opening page. I'll clarify that I read this on my kindle so the first page is much shorter than if you pick it up in paperback, but it begins with a family leaving a grocery store. Nothing interesting or special, and I almost walked away from the book there. I'm glad I didn't. McCaleb is a stronger writer with an interesting story who's done his research, but when you pick the book up, wait until the fight starts. The book never slows down after that.