Touch Sensitive by Lee Isserow

Touch Sensitive
By Lee Isserow

I wish I could write like Lee Isserow. This paranormal detective story draws its strength from Isserow’s ability to get into the character’s head. The interiority and PoV of the story are so deep and well done that it should be studied by writers everywhere.

I remember Brandon Sanderson recommending ‘I’m Not a Serial Killer’ as way to study deep PoV, but after reading this, it is the book I would recommend. The PoV is deeper the interiority is better.

The one issues I had with the book was the excessive profanity and negativity of the main character. As much as I enjoyed the story. I had to take a break from it a few times because of this.

The story follows a detective with a unique gift; seeing the memories of the things and people he touches, but it feels more like a curse to him. When he’s brought in on case where the murder has been performed by someone with a gift like his, and the ability to hide things from him his world changes.