Twins Prey by W. C. Hoffman

5 Stars: I give this story 5 stars for the quality of the storytelling. The characters all deal with their own demons, and regardless of the protagonist, there doesn’t seem to be a ‘good guy’ to cheer for. This may be a deal breaker for many readers, but again Hoffman is a good storyteller, and the way he tells a story is worthy of the 5-star mark.

His story invokes a biblical theme of the ‘sins of the father.' Two boys are rescued from an accident to be raised by a man who has disconnected himself from society and taught the two boys to live an animalistic tribal life. When a hunter wanders into their territory, they kill him. It’s not malicious, or cruel, it’s what they were taught, and so the reader must question the nature of the crime, to lay it at the feet of the killers or does it belong to Uncle who taught them to live that way?

The narrator also plays an active role in the storytelling, clearing up the inaccuracies of the characters to ensure the reader doesn’t get lost in the misinformation.