The First Fundamental Flaw of Truth: Popularity

And how it is used to manipulate you


Popularity: The base assumption here is that if so many people believe it, then it can’t be wrong. Behind this rest, the central idea that if a group is large enough, then someone will have investigated it and found the truth. The larger the group, the more likely this is possible.

However, there is a concept of clustering that allows companies, politicians, and social movement leaders to leverage this flaw of truth.

Did you know over 32 million people believe in alien abduction?


In a recent survey, it was found that over 32 million people believe in alien abduction. THAT SOUNDS HUGE! But consider the global population out of 7 billion that is only 0.45% and almost sounds too low. It also doesn’t factor in that most people who believe in alien abduction are teenagers. If I leave off the extra facts, then I can claim the popularity flaw the support my idea. By clustering it, I can make a persuasive case using the popularity flaw.