I survived Sleep

Years ago, I started taking sleeping pills to help me sleep at night. They have been a Godsend. I have struggled my entire life to sleep at night. I can be exhausted, but the moment I lay down, I’m wide awake. I tried all the non-chemicals methods. I read, and I would doze off, but then I would wake up 15min later, and once again, I would be wide awake. It was the same with every other method I tried, but the pills have been miracles workers.

I gave one to a friend once. (They are not prescription, just over the counter.) I told to just take half and see what happened. She called late Saturday afternoon to inform me she just slept for sixteen hours straight, because of that pill. She would never take them again. She didn’t feel refreshed, she felt like she survived. As the conversation went on, she revealed that she usually only slept 5 hours a night, so it was possible she was very sleep deprived.

This past Saturday is what happened to me. I was exhausted all week, and it felt like no matter how much I slept, I couldn’t get over it. So, Friday night I took a full dose (I usually only do a half) and slept for 12 hours. When I woke, I felt like I survived.