Keywords: About & other details

How the Keywords are generated:

We comb through top 100 lists on Amazon and collect titles and authors. We use Google Ad words to try and generate common words associated with genres, like the famous "book book." We also pull from Amazon's Hot New Release, and several email promotion lists.


Click on the text for the download link to the keywords. This link will download an Excel format file. We've tried uploading the words directly, but currently Squarespace adds back data to the words so they can't be directley pasted to Amazon. You can copy paste the words from the Excel files directly to Amazon. Amazon will limit you to 1,000 per ad.

Getting clicks on your ads largely about your cover, title and ad copy. Converting those clicks is about your blurb. We've done two episodes and written an articles on blurbs. you can find all of that here.

It would really help us if you could tell you author friends, and check out the podcast.