What makes a nation believe a lie?

Fifty years after the Orson Welles conspiracy, Stephenson is still fighting to keep the weapon from falling into the wrong hands.

As the Cold War comes to a close new players enter the stage. Some driven by ideology, and other by greed.

In the aftermath of a Sky Fall Event in Portugal, Stephenson’s team discovers that for the first time in human history a Sky Fall Event was created intentionally. The weapon has been used. The problem is that only people who could have done it are on the team.

The CIA splinters as each member persuses their own agenda and dreams of what could do with the power of Sky Fall.

And Stephenson must convince at least one of them stop it all from happening before it’s too late.

Explore the history and science of mass media persuasion and propaganda as the characters battle to see who will decided if or When the Sky Falls.

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