Dave Chesson is the creator of One of the best site for learning about book marketing. He created the incredible KDProcket, and even mentioned he's developing a new tool to help author analyze their Amazon data better.

In our interview he talks about writing blurbs, and the differences between non-fiction and fiction blurbs. He also talks about his work on the Battlefield Earth book, and why his blurb proposal was so successful.


Once someone clicks on your ad they already know the price of your book, the title, cover, and number of reviews. That is now your sale to lose, through a poorly done blurb.

When your book ads are getting a lot of impressions it, but not clicks it could be because your cover sucks, your title sucks, your copy sucks, or you’re targeting the wrong market.

Copy writing a book blurb for fiction and nonfiction is very different, and a lot authors end up confusing and mixing those styles. 

A key to fiction ads is that they need to affirm the type of book they are to the reader looking for them. If a reader wants an epic fantasy, then the first line needs to communicate epic fantasy.

A big mistake that a lot of author make in their blurbs is writing a book report. That doesn’t sell books.

Dave Chesson: Kindlepreneur

Dave Chesson: Kindlepreneur